Engagement Photography in the North End with Shauna and David

This was a wonderful shoot with Shauna and David in the North End. You can feel the love these two have for each other just by looking at their smiles. Here are a few sneak peeks from our shoot as well as a few words from the couple about their story.

How did you two meet?

David and I met at a cookout in Boston in August 2015 where both my sorority and his fraternity were represented. I actually put my number in his phone one, because I thought he was cute, and two, because his fraternity brother was having an after party and I wanted the address!

Boston Engagement Photography S&D-2.jpg

Tell us the proposal story~

In early 2018, David told me that we were going to do a photo shoot for our two year anniversary in April 2018. The day came, and I was completely oblivious! David brought all of our friends and family together (caught me completely off guard) to watch a film that he had put together, with a voice over speaking about the act of falling in love. At the end of the video, David gave a speech (and shed a tear or two), walked over to me, and got down on one knee and proposed!

Boston Engagement Photography S&D-1.jpg
Boston Engagement Photography S&D-3.jpg

What details are you most excited about for your wedding?

I'm super excited to celebrate our love with all of our guests! I'm also excited about our venues - a beautiful church in Hyde Park for the ceremony, and a scenic view of the Charles for our reception. And of course, I'm very excited about the food!!

Where are you getting married? Greater Faith in Hyde Park

Where is the reception? Royal Sonesta in Cambridge

Boston Engagement Photography S&D-4.jpg
Boston Engagement Photography S&D-5.jpg
Boston Engagement Photography S&D-1-2.jpg
Boston Engagement Photography S&D-6.jpg
Boston Engagement Photography S&D-7.jpg

What look were you going for in your engagement session?

David and I wanted to capture our dressy side, as well as capture our more casual side (while getting some cute photos for our save the dates!) We also wanted to capture our sorority and fraternity, as that's what brought us together!

We chose the North End for photos because of its importance to me (my grandfather grew up there!) and the TD Garden because David loves sports - it's also where we had out first "official" date.

Do you have any tips or advice for couples getting ready for their session?

Relax and be yourselves! You want the photos to capture who you really are as a couple - so when you look back in a few years the photos resonate with you.

Wedding at the Bedford Village Inn New Hampshire with Kristen and Michael

An amazing wedding day with Kristen and Michael at the Bedford Village Inn. We were incredibly lucky with weather, which can always be in question in New England on a wedding day.

The location and couple were beautiful and made the day so fun and easy to shoot. We had the opportunity to head into Manchester for a few creative shots. Here are a few sneak peeks as well as the same day slideshow we created at the wedding.



Engagement Photography in Graffiti Alley with Christy and John

This has been a crazy wedding season and incredibly busy.  I can't complain at all about being busy, but I am so far behind in getting posts out.  This is one I couldn't wait to publish, not just for this beautiful couple that were a blast to work with, but also for the very cool locations in Cambridge Mass.  Graffiti Alley and Brick and Mortar.   A big thank you to the team at Brick and Mortar for not only being incredible, but allowing us to make a few cool images to start our shoot. 

Here are a few sneak peeks from the session as well as a few word from the couple about their story!


Boston Engagement Photography  C&J-1.jpg
Boston Engagement Photography  C&J-2.jpg

How did you two meet?

We met through mutual friends about 12 years ago. We dated for a few years throughout that time and went our separate ways. I started a new job in 2016 and we reconnected. I truly believe in destiny after so many years as John lived in Virginia and I was from Boston. Now we get to live our Happily Ever After

Boston Engagement Photography  C&J-3.jpg

Tell us the proposal story~

Let’s just say there was not really a “proposal” haha. After dating in the past for years and reconnecting, John made a huge move to Boston. We spoke about our future together and what we both wanted and decided to get married! It’s been such a great blessing for the two of us and our families couldn’t be any happier for us to celebrate our big day next year!

Boston Engagement Photography  C&J-4.jpg

What details are you most excited about for your wedding?

We are mostly excited to have our friends and family from long and far share our special day with us. John and I are both Portuguese and have family traveling from all over Europe to celebrate with us. It will even be more exciting to have many of his family members from Virginia and Maryland see Boston for the first time

Where are you getting married?  St. Catherine of Siena Parish - Norwood, MA

Where is the reception?  Lombardo’s - Randolph, MA

Boston Engagement Photography  C&J-6.jpg
Boston Engagement Photography  C&J-7.jpg

What look were you going for in your engagement session?

Both John and I got really into our engagement photos and planned the location together. We wanted something different than just your typical Boston Public Garden Engagement Photo. We chose the Graffiti Alley in Cambridge because it was artsy and went perfect with the street chic look we were going for

Do you have any tips or advice for couples getting ready for their session?

Let loose with some drinks beforehand! Also, bring a close friend or someone in your Bridal Party that makes you feel comfortable and to enjoy the moment with you

How was your overall session experience?

John and I had such a great time with Christian from beginning to end! We met at the Brick and Mortar right in Central Square for some drinks before our session and even took some photos inside. The bartenders were so kind and gave us champagne to celebrate! Christian made us feel super comfortable and lead us through the whole session. He is truly amazing and it was like he became a part of the family

Darren and Joevrose's Vermont Wedding-Sugarbush Resort

I can't believe how incredible today's wedding was.  Although we have shot weddings in Vermont before, we could not be prepared for the outstanding wedding venue that Sugarbush Resort offered.  The mountains that surrounded Darren and Joevrose as they read their personal vows to each were breathtaking, but the vows weren't the only thing that made this wedding personal.  From the bride's cousin as their officiant, to family prayers, songs and readings... and how could I forget the procession!!!  The bridal party...all 12 of them along with the bride processed in by ski lift!  I have to say that was a first for us to see and so fun!


Having a relationship with our clients and getting to know them through the booking and planning process is so important to us.  It really makes us all connected when we finally get to this magical day.  Not only are we so excited to see and capture the day but the couple is equally as excited to see us when we show up! 


This was no exception, we were actually first introduced to Darren before they were even an engaged couple!  He had reached out to Christian to see if shooting his proposal to Joevrose in Boston was a possibility! 


Fast forward to post proposal and on to their engagement session.  Usually we would have our clients pick a place that was in the Boston area and important to them, well their important place just happened to be in New York!  At the time they were engaged long distance and Joevrose had to schedule several trips to visit Darren in New York so it was a perfect spot to shoot their engagement!  Any time we can shoot in a different city, we jump at the chance of shooting new surroundings, colors, architecture, etc.  We started our New York engagement shoot with brunch and then we were off!  I love their session so much and in the mean time we were able to just hang out a lot of the day too, getting to know them even more!  For a look back at their session, check out the link here


But enough about what lead them here and back to their wedding!  As they are dancing out on the dance floor right now with all of their friends and family I am just reminded of the personal stories of love that were shared on their mountaintop today.  I know that today was everything they ever hoped and dreamed of and we couldn't be happier for them both!  I can't wait for the smores and fireworks to top it all off and send them off in wedded bliss with a bang!  Congrats to you both and your families!  And keep scrolling to see the rest of their day with their same day slideshow we just finished showing!


Heather and Tim's wonderful day at the Blithewold Estate

Outside of being nearly eaten alive by mosquitos as we worked our way through the grounds, it was an absolutely magical day with Heather and Tim.  The Blithewold Estate offers some truly beautiful places for a wedding photographer to work with and I feel we took full advantage. 

Thanks again to Tim and Heather for trusting me with your incredible day.  Here are a few sneak peeks as well as a little video overview of the day!



Wequassett Resort Wedding with Melissa & Jeremy

Incredible day with Melissa and Jeremy at the Wequassett Resort and Golf Club.  They couldn't have asked for a more amazing day and location.  Well into the night I found myself looking out over the grounds, beach and water and considering I might be on some Caribbean island as the sun set. 

I had the best time capturing the love and fun these two shared on their day and I can't wait for them to see this sneak peek!


Engagement Photography at the beach in Sandwich with Marissa and Mike

I had an incredible time with Marissa and Mike down on the Cape at Sandwhich beach for their engagement photography.  We caught some great landscapes, sunset and a lot of love with this fantastic couple.  Here are a few sneak peeks from out session and a few words from the couple about their story.  Can't wait for their wedding!

Boston Engagement Photography -3.jpg

How did you two meet?   Love brought us together

Boston Engagement Photography -2.jpg

Tell us the proposal story~

Mike and our two best friends planned a day to go paddle boarding on Bass River. Mike found a remote beach and surprised me with a beautiful proposal, I was in such shock I could barely paddle home!

Boston Engagement Photography -5.jpg

What details are you most excited about for your wedding? EX. cake, vendors, location, etc.

Location, pictures, videos and of course celebrating our marriage

Where are you getting married?  Willowbend Country Club Mashpee, MA

Boston Engagement Photography -4.jpg

What look were you going for in your engagement session?

Romantic, sweet, and sexy pictures

Do you have any tips or advice for couples getting ready for their session?

Just have fun and get yourself a cocktail before the session!

How was your overall session experience?  Excellent

Beautiful Wedding at the Roxbury Latin School with Dan and Megan

On a hot summer day in June 2018 a lovley group of friends and family met at The Roxbury Latin school in Boston to share an incredible day with two amazing people...

There is so much more to the story.  Dan and Megan came back to Dan's high school, a place so special that he wanted to share the best day of his life and start the next chapter with Megan.  I had an amazing time with this group and couldn't have asked for a nicer couple to spend the day with. 

Here are a few images from the day as well as a short video!

Boston Wedding Photographer DM-2.jpg

Tell us how you first met- who, what, when, where, why? Give us the dirty details-

We met on an internet dating website... doesn't everybody? After a short digital courtship, we arranged to have drinks at a now-defunct establishment in Beverly Hills. The next thing we knew we were dating, moving in together, and, well, getting married. 

Boston Wedding Photographer DM-3.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer DM-4.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer DM-5.jpg

When did you know he/she was the one? Was there something he/she did? etc-

Dan: for me, it was a gradual realization. Over the course of our early relationship, Megan proved time and again how loving, kind, thoughtful, and loyal she was, and I eventually realized she was someone I wanted to build a life with. Megan: there were so many moments when I knew, and they all built upon each other, but one sticks out in my mind. Only about 6 months into our relationship, I let Dan know that I had an offer for a job in Chicago - an opportunity that would be great for my career, but would require me to move to a new city. While I could tell that he was disappointed, he didn't hesitate to encourage me to take the job. He knew it would be the best thing for me, even though it would require us to be apart for a time. This selflessness and confidence in our relationship struck me, and although it was early on, I knew that I had found someone pretty incredible.

Boston Wedding Photographer DM-13.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer DM-15.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer DM-17.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer DM-22.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer DM-21.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer DM-26.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer DM-24.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer DM-25.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer DM-27.jpg

Tell us about the proposal. Did you see it coming, how long was it in the planning? how did you feel? nervous, excited, freaking out?

I didn't see it coming! Although I should have known, because Dan made a plan for us to go out to a nice dinner and got super dressed up...:) Right as we were walking out the door, he went to find something in the bedroom and came out with a valet ticket. He asked me if I knew what it was from (I had no idea) and proceeded to explain that it was the valet ticket from our first date. By the time he reached in his pocket to pull out the ring, I was still totally confused. I finally realized what was happening and (with the happiest tears in my eyes) said yes!

Tell us the one thing you love most about each other-

Dan: What I love most about Megan is her integrity; she's so rock-solid in all the best ways, and I can always rely on her for love, support, counsel, and delicious treats. 

Megan: It's so hard to pick one thing! But, if I have to, I love Dan's resilience and positivity so much. He enjoys the small things in life, and helps me to do the same. And, when something doesn't work out as planned, he finds the positive angle and silver lining. 

Boston Wedding Photographer DM-29.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer DM-31.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer DM-32.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer DM-40.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer DM-51.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer DM-52.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer DM-53.jpg

If you feel comfortable, share with us something silly or quirky the other person does-

Dan: Megan always seems to fill up quickly from dinner, but a half-hour or so later, she seems to miraculously have room for dessert. Perhaps it's a metabolic gift.

Megan: You would never know it by looking at him, but Dan will eat an ENTIRE package of Oreos if the opportunity presents itself. Another reason that I knew he was the one :)

Boston Wedding Photographer DM-59.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer DM-62.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer DM-65.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer DM-72.jpg

Besides getting married, what's the one thing you are looking forward to on your wedding day?

We're both looking forward to finally decompressing and partying it down with our guests!

Boston Wedding Photographer DM-106.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer DM-108.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer DM-110.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer DM-111.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer DM-124.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer DM-127.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer DM-94.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer DM-95.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer DM-87.jpg

Photography- Christian Pleva Images
Florist- Center Pieces Design
Ceremony/Reception Location- The Roxbury Latin School
Wedding Planner- Jeanne Spence (Gourmet Caterers)
DJ- Buddy Costa
Dress Designer- Allure Bridal
Hair- Jen Tawa

Makeup- Lindsay Simon Beauty

Lighting- Design Light Co. 

Cake- The Icing on the Cake

Tables/Linens- PEAK Event Services

A Wonderful Boardwalk in Salem for Engagement Photography With Amara and Tim

Amara and Tim were incredible fun and so comfortable with each other for their engagement shoot at the beach in Salem.  It's always easy to work with a couple, when you can feel the connection they have towards each other.   Not only obvious in the images but you can understand when you here their story.  Here are a few sneak peeks from our session together as well as some words from the couple about their story...

Boston Engagement Photography  AT-3.jpg

How did you two meet?

We met in 7th grade at Austin Prep, where we stayed until we graduated from the high school

Boston Engagement Photography  AT-1.jpg

Tell us the proposal story~

Our condo was just built; so in order to buy furniture, we had to go in at night and make measurements while construction wasn't occurring. We planned to buy a TV at Thanksgiving so we stopped by the condo a Friday night after work in November to measure the space on top of the fire place in order to make sure we got the best size. Since it was under construction, electricity wasn't on just yet and we had to bring flashlights. As I was about to head out, Tim told me to wait for one last thing ..... the ring! (shining in the flashlight of course) He asked to spend the rest of his life with me in our first place together :)

Boston Engagement Photography  AT-5.jpg

What details are you most excited about for your wedding?

Getting married in the church where Amara received all her sacraments and her where her parents also got married. But most of all, having the everyone we love in once place for the party of a lifetime (with Kane's donuts for dessert).

Boston Engagement Photography  AT-7.jpg

Where are you getting married?  St. Anthony's of Padua in Revere

Where is the reception?  Boston Harbor Hotel

What look were you going for in your engagement session?   Natural and relaxed in places that we both really enjoy (The beach and Salem, MA)

Do you have any tips or advice for couples getting ready for their session?  Don't think about it

How was your overall session experience?  Awesome

Camille and Joseph's Regal Glen Manor Wedding

As I sit here, hearing the clinking of cutlery during dinner service, I am reflecting on the love that we had the great privilege to capture today.  All of our weddings are special and we love shooting each and every one, but this one had even more meaning behind it.  For the past five years, after moving to Boston, we had lived on the same small street in the North End.  It was one of the last true neighborhood streets left, where we actually knew our neighbors and loved them!  Summers were spent on a stoop with bottles of wine and laughs.  On that magical street, we met Corrine and Victor, some of the nicest people you will ever meet!  So, when we heard that their daughter, Camille was getting married, we were more than honored to capture such an incredible day!!!  Today was that amazing day and it couldn't have been more perfect with an even more perfect couple!  Camille looked gorgeous and Joseph was dapper as ever!  Here is their story in their words along with the same day slideshow we are about to show!  Enjoy!


Tell us how you first met- who, what, when, where, why?  Give us the dirty details-

We met on the slopes at Copper Mountain in Colorado. Camille and her friend Kate went skiing and asked their friend Gabriene to meet them while she was in town visiting her brother. She brought her brother, Joseph, and the rest is history!



Tell us about the proposal.  Did you see it coming, how long was it in the planning? how did you feel? nervous, excited, freaking out?-

We had been dating for a long time, but most of it was long distance between Denver and Atlanta, so after we finally found a way to live together in Atlanta, Joseph surprised Camille by popping the question while they were out walking with Camille's beloved dog, Otis. It was perfect and quite a surprise. Apparently, Joseph was nervous the whole time, hoping the ring was secure in his pocket, but Camille was just out having a nice time with Joseph and Otis, she had no idea!


Besides getting married, what's the one thing you are looking forward to on your wedding day?

So many of our friends and family live across the country or half way around the world from us-- we are so excited to see our loved ones!


Favors- Nelda Barchers Studio

Save the Dates- Nelda Barchers Studio

Invitations- Minted

String Quartet- Lisa Barksdale & Co                                                                                                                                              

Amanda and David's Engagement Photography in The North End

Here is a fantastic Engagement session in our neighborhood.  I love shooting in the North End and especially in the summer.  I had a great time with Amanda and David and can't wait for their upcoming wedding.  Here are a few sneak peeks and some words from the couple about their story. 

How did you two meet?

We met through mutual friends when I was in college. We started talking at a party and fast forward 8 years, we are getting married.

Boston Engagement Photography A&D-1.jpg

Tell us the proposal story~

For weeks, David talked about making a music video with his friends, which wasn’t out of the norm since dancing is his hobby. He asked if I wanted to go out for dinner that day before he films his music video . We went to dinner and after dinner he asked if I wanted to watch them film the video. I said I had plans to grab drinks with my friends but will meet up with him later. After drinks, my friends and I walked over to prudential to meet up with David and his friends who had already started filming their dance video. A bunch of guys dancing and a camera man started attracting some attention making me nervous to turn around. Little did I know, my family and friends were hiding in the bushes waiting for David to propose. After the video he got on one knee and popped the question. Everyone jumped out and screamed congratulations. Meanwhile his friend was filming the whole thing and the music video was his planned proposal all along.

Boston Engagement Photography A&D-2.jpg
Boston Engagement Photography A&D-3.jpg

What details are you most excited about for your wedding?

I’m excited to be able to celebrate with all of our closest friends and family.

Where are you getting married?  Cape Club of Sharon

Boston Engagement Photography A&D-4.jpg

What look were you going for in your engagement session?

We wanted something simple and elegant somewhere scenic in the city.

Do you have any tips or advice for couples getting ready for their session?

Get your session done before it gets hot outside.

Boston Engagement Photography A&D-5.jpg
Boston Engagement Photography A&D-6.jpg

How was your overall session experience?

Great. I was nervous about my session because I’m camera shy and don’t like to take pictures. Christian made us feel comfortable and made the whole experience really easy and fun.

Boston Wedding at the Royal Sonesta with Annamaria and Joe

Annamaria and Joe were absolutely amazing to work with and we couldn't have asked for a better New England Wedding day. 

This was another fantastic Wedding for our team at the incredible Royal Sonesta in Cambridge Ma.  I can't say enough about the staff and Michael Foley the Catering Manager at this beautiful wedding venue. 

Here is a little sneak peek and short video of the day as well as a few words from Annamaria and Joe about their story.


Boston Wedding Photographer Christian Pleva-11.jpg

Tell us how you first met- who, what, when, where, why?  Give us the dirty details-

Joe and Annamaria first got to know each other when Joe became a reoccurring customer at Annamaria’s work. Joe tried approaching Annamaria many times, but he didn’t stand a chance. Years later they became reunited when Annamaria’s sister married Joe’s best friend, who today are the maid of honor and best man.

Boston Wedding Photographer Christian Pleva-2.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer Christian Pleva-3.jpg

When did you know he was the one?  

As we got to know each other we realized we shared a lot of the same values and had the same vision for our future. It didn’t matter what we were doing, we just loved being in each others presence.

Boston Wedding Photographer Christian Pleva-14.jpg

Tell us about the proposal-

Joe planned a weekend in Newport, Rhode Island. He was nervous all day. After dinner, we walked along the cliff walk overlooking the beach. There, Joe got down on one knee and proposed.


Boston Wedding Photographer Christian Pleva-15.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer Christian Pleva-18.jpg

Tell us the one thing you love most about each other- 

Joe has a big heart and is so grateful for every aspect of his life.   

Annamaria stands strong for her beliefs’ and truly puts her family first.

Boston Wedding Photographer Christian Pleva-20.jpg

Besides getting married, what's the one thing you are looking forward to on your wedding day?

We can’t wait to have all the special people who have been a part of our life all together on our wedding day. The love from everyone in the room is what will truly make our day so special.

Boston Wedding Photographer Christian Pleva-25.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer Christian Pleva-26.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer Christian Pleva-27.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer Christian Pleva-28.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer Christian Pleva-35.jpg

Please play the video!

Boston Wedding Photographer Christian Pleva-43.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer Christian Pleva-44.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer Christian Pleva-45.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer Christian Pleva-48.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer Christian Pleva-50.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer Christian Pleva-51.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer Christian Pleva-61.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer Christian Pleva-67.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer Christian Pleva-69.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer Christian Pleva-71.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer Christian Pleva-73.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer Christian Pleva-75.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer Christian Pleva-80.jpg

Photography- Christian Pleva Images
Video- Jeremy Folster
Florist- Konstantina Floral Design
Ceremony Location- St. Anthony’s of Padua Church
Reception Location- The Royal Sonesta Hotel
DJ- Lou Auciello of Executive Disc Jockey
Dress Designer- Naeem Khan
Dress Salon- L’Elite Bridal
Other Details/Vendors-  Band -Ambrosiani

Tricia & Jonathan's Engagement Photography in the Seaport of Boston

Tricia and John are without a doubt one of the most energetic and down rite fun couples I've been able to work with.  During our engagement session in the Boston Seaport, they had me laughing the entire time.  I literately had to put my camera down and wait to compose myself.  I had a fantattic time working with them.  Here are a few snaek peeks as well as a few words from the couple about their story!

Boston Engagement Photography -1.jpg

How did you two meet?

We swiped right on each other on the Bumble App.

Boston Engagement Photography -3.jpg
Boston Engagement Photography -4.jpg

Tell us the proposal story~

I got out of work early and Jon asked if I wanted to walk Castle Island and try out our dogs new escape proof harness. We called around the loop to the side of the castle and I was adjusting the dogs harness on a bench when I looked up and he was in front of me on one knee.

Boston Engagement Photography -7.jpg
Boston Engagement Photography -9.jpg
Boston Engagement Photography -5.jpg
Boston Engagement Photography -8.jpg

What details are you most excited about for your wedding?

We’re most excited about bringing in the new year will all our friends & family at our favorite restaurant in a non traditional way!

Boston Engagement Photography -10.jpg

Where are you getting married?  Boston Seaport Hotel  Where is the reception?  Pastoral

What look were you going for in your engagement session?

Whatever look makes me look best hahah! I’d say I obviously want something that looks natural but I also like dramatic(I just like our style in general so I trust your vision)

Do you have any tips or advice for couples getting ready for their session?

Don’t let your fiancé carry your white dress because he may drag it on the ground;) Just have fun with it, definitely grab a drink and get the nervous out but most importantly just forget about the photographer and have genuine fun with your fiancé!

Engagement Photography at Bancroft’s Castle on Gibbet Hill

There is so much to say about our engagement photography with Becca and Brendan.  We met Becca a few years ago while working with her sister for her engagement and wedding.  Over the years we've become incredibly close to her family and Becca was even so kind to make our wedding cake when Melissa and I tied the knot in 2016.  

So it was an absolute honor when Becca and Brendan asked us to shoot their upcoming amazing wedding this December at The Barn at Gibbet Hill

For now we set out to make some beautiful images for them at the top of the hill at Bancroft's Castle.  After walking, what felt like strait up the mountain and nearly dying from the hike, we started with capturing these two so clearly in love.  It was the perfect time to shoot, heading rite into sunset. 

I loved working with Becca and Brendan and can't wait for their wedding.  Here are a few sneak peeks and some words from the couple about their story. 


Boston Engagement Photography B&B-1.jpg

How did you two meet?

In April of 2011, our friends Alyssa and Bobo introduced while walking on gershom ave in Lowell going to a party at Umass Lowell. We got to know each other over the summer and started dating officially dating in August.

Boston Engagement Photography B&B-2.jpg
Boston Engagement Photography B&B-5.jpg
Boston Engagement Photography B&B-3.jpg

Tell us the proposal story~
In December the week after we moved into our new house, I was driving home from work when Brendan called and said, “Do you want to go get a Christmas tree?” I excitedly said, “Yes(!), but I want a potted tree.” Brendan having no idea what that was asked me and I said it’s a Christmas tree in a pot that we could plant later that spring. (Meanwhile on Brendan's end, he had already bought a Christmas tree that I didn’t know of and he was already on his way home.) He said, “Do you know where we can get a potted tree?” And I said yes. Then he said, “I’ll have to call you back.” He then drove back to Christmas tree lot he bought the tree and had to explain to the sales woman that he planned to propose to his girlfriend but she wanted a potted Christmas tree. The woman said, “We don’t usually return trees but however in your situation, we understand.” So after returning the tree Brendan ended up buying two bouquets of flowers because he felt bad. Finally we meet and buy a potted tree and as we leave it’s started to rain... continued-

Boston Engagement Photography B&B-9.jpg

When we get home it was starting to get dark and now poring so we drove up to our deck thinking that was the best option for carrying in the tree but when we tried to move the tree from the bed of Brendan's truck and it was immovable. I swear it was easily four hundred pounds! So then we decided to back his truck up to the fronts steps which was only four steps to the front door which seemed easy enough but who were we kidding! It was awful we couldn’t lift the tree to get it in the house!! Safe to say this night wasn’t going as Brendan planned yet I had no idea still at this Point. I kept apologizing and awkwardly laughing because I don’t think this would be that difficult but it was a terrible idea. Needless to say after about two hours we finally got it inside then house. After that we sat on the couch exhausted and he said, “let’s decorate!” I said who are you kidding I’m tired but he convinced me to put the lights on and then as he was handing me a wrapped box he said, “ I bought you an ornament and I would like it to be the first one on the tree. As I opened the box I read what it said and froze because I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Inside the box was a crystal ornament that said “MARRY ME?” I turned around to see him kneeling there with a ring and the rest was history.

Boston Engagement Photography B&B-6.jpg
Boston Engagement Photography B&B-7.jpg

What details are you most excited about for your wedding?   I am most excited about finally marrying Sheehan and definitely the cake because I get to make my own wedding cake!

Brendan is most excited for the ceremony and the whole day.

Boston Engagement Photography B&B-8.jpg

Where are you getting married?  The Barn at Gibbet Hill!

Boston Engagement Photography B&B-10.jpg

What look were you going for in your engagement session?

We were looking for something to truly capture the personalities of Brendan and I. But we also wanted to capture Gibbet Hill in the spring/summertime atmosphere because it is absolutely stunning no matter what season it is.

Do you have any tips or advice for couples getting ready for their session?

Just to have fun and try to be themselves. Don’t try to hard to look perfect because no one is. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and the photos that capture true people are the ones worth taking.

No matter which outfit you choose or where you take them really doesn’t matter it’s the person whose in the photo with you that matter most

How was your overall session experience?  Our experience was absolute amazing!! Wouldn’t change anything!

Engagement Photography in Boston and the Crane Estate With Nicole and Brett

Shooting engagement photography at two locations, one being in Boston and the other the Crane Estate in Ipswich, can be a little challenging, especially if you're trying to accomplish everything in a few hours.  Well, Nicole and Brett were up to the challenge.  We started early in the morning at at the Public Gardens, making some beautiful images with this amazing couple and their dog.  We then jumped in the car and raced to Ipswich and the Crane for more engagement photography.  A change of location wasn't nearly enough for this incredibly stylish couple.  They moved to formal attire to sweep the grounds and make incredible engagement pictures in this fantastic location. I want to add a special thanks to Caitlyn Ward of @cweventsanddesign and  https://www.facebook.com/cweventsanddesign/  Nicole's event planner and an incredible help throughout the entire shoot!


Here are a few sneak peeks from our session as well as a few words from the couple about their story. 

Boston Engagement Photography N&B-1.jpg

How did you two meet?

Brett and I were both out with friends on a Saturday night, at the same bar and never ran into each other. When I was hailing a cab with one of my friends, Brett came up to me and introduced himself, I let the cab go to continue talking to him. We exchanged numbers and the next morning I got a text from him asking me to go to a Red Sox vs. Yankees game with him that night. I happened to be at my sisters engagement party that day and wasn't sure if I'd make it back into the city in time, I asked my sister if she minded if I left a little early to go on the date and she joking replied "you better marry this guy", we went on 4 dates that week and have been inseparable since.

Boston Engagement Photography N&B-2.jpg
Boston Engagement Photography N&B-3.jpg
Boston Engagement Photography N&B-4.jpg

Tell us the proposal story~Brett surprised me with a trip to SoHo House in Miami for Valentine’s Day. Two days before we were supposed to leave, Boston was hit with a huge snow storm and our flight was cancelled not once, not twice but three times. Brett was so worried about us not being able to fly out and I didn’t understand why, I figured we’d get there eventually, little did I know, he had an engagement ring in the other room and was planning to propose in Miami! After many phone calls with multiple airlines, the snow let up and we were able to make it out of Boston not much later than originally planned. After arriving in sunny Miami we were sipping frozen cocktails by the pool when Brett told me he made me a hair appointment for that night before we went to dinner. Thinking Brett was just being sweet and also ensuring I’d be ready to go on time (I may have a slight tendency to take my time getting ready and on occasion, tend to be “fashionably late”) I didn’t think too much into it and was excited for my appointment. After getting ready we got a drink at the hotel’s outdoor bar which was decorated with vintage fans, string lights and endless amouts of green plants and flowers. Before heading to dinner Brett had to get something from our room, while I was freshening up he asked me to come around the corner, when I did, he was down on one knee, with palm trees and the beautiful ocean behind him he confessed his love for me and asked me to marry him!

Boston Engagement Photography N&B-5.jpg
Boston Engagement Photography N&B-7.jpg

What details are you most excited about for your wedding?

Walking down the isle at St. Leonard's and seeing Brett at the other end.
The ballroom at the Fairmont with a sea of roses and candlelight
Dancing the night away with all our friends and family

Boston Engagement Photography N&B-8.jpg
Boston Engagement Photography N&B-12.jpg

Where are you getting married?   St. Leonard's Church

Where is the reception?  The Fairmont Copley Plaza - Grand Ballroom

Boston Engagement Photography N&B-10.jpg

What look were you going for in your engagement session?  Romantic, dreamy, fairytale-esque

Do you have any tips or advice for couples getting ready for their session?

Just have fun and laugh - bring towels and water if it's a hot day!!

Boston Engagement Photography N&B-11.jpg
Boston Engagement Photography N&B-13.jpg

How was your overall session experience?

We loved our session with Christian!! We both had so much fun and would do it again in a heartbeat. We're both DYING to see the photos!!!

Boston Engagement Photography N&B-14.jpg

A walk through the Arnold Arboretum with Laura and John

It wound up being a beautiful day for engagement photography at the Arnold Arboretum with Laura and John.  Maybe a little toasty in the sun for mine and John's taste though.  They wanted a little touch of green for their session and picked the right spot.  A nice contrast to their upcoming wedding in the Seaport of Boston.  Here are a few sneak peeks and a few words about John and Laura's story. 

Boston Engagement Photography J&L-2.jpg
Boston Engagement Photography J&L-3.jpg
Boston Engagement Photography J&L-1.jpg

How did you two meet?  We met on the Saint A's tennis team... If you ask us who was better, we'll each give you a different answer. When we met up a few years later, we reconnected instantly and it was like nothing had ever changed!

Boston Engagement Photography J&L-4.jpg

Tell us the proposal story~  While in Vegas for Laura's birthday in May of 2017, we had planned a helicopter ride from The Strip, over Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam, and landing in the Grand Canyon. While standing on the edge of the canyon, overlooking the Colorado River, John said we made a good decision taking the helicopter ride, and that he was going to make an even better decision. He got down on one knee, Laura said yes, and the rest is history.

Boston Engagement Photography J&L-5.jpg

What details are you most excited about for your wedding? EX. cake, vendors, location, etc.

We are extremely excited to show off some dance moves. The dance floor always brings everyone together, and we couldn't be more excited to dance and celebrate with everyone we love!

Where are you getting married?  Seaport Hotel Boston  Where is the reception?  Seaport Hotel Boston

Boston Engagement Photography J&L-6.jpg

What look were you going for in your engagement session?

We knew we wanted the engagement shoot to be in nature to contrast with the wedding venue in the Seaport District. The goal was to really let our personalities shine through!

Do you have any tips or advice for couples getting ready for their session?

Relax, have fun with it, and make a day of it. We made the day into an adventure starting with the photoshoot and ending with drinks in the Seaport.

How was your overall session experience?

Trust Christian! It's obvious he has an eye for how photos will look and he is extremely observant and conscious of the surrounding environment. He gave good direction and made it very easy.

Beacon Hill Engagement with Samantha and Chris

Samantha and Chris were the perfect couple to shoot with for their engagement photography session.  They were so affectionate, comfortable and so visibly in love, it made my job easy.  I just had to sit back and capture these two simply enjoying each other.  I think it all shows in their images. Here are a few sneak peeks from our session together in Beacon Hill, as well as a few words about their story from the couple!

Boston Engagement Photography Sam-1.jpg

How did you two meet?

I'm a flight attendant and at that time I was based and living in San Francisco. Chris was half way through his first year at Suffolk Law School. I had a layover in Boston, so the crew and I decided to go to Champions to watch the Broncos/Patriots AFC Championship game. We found standing room at one of the bar tables since the whole place was packed. Chris and his friend were sitting at that same table. We were all hungry and trying to find out what was good on the menu. Chris told me anything but the burgers were good. He was wearing a Pats hat so I of course started to talk smack about football with him. We ended up hanging out with the whole table of people after the game. Chris and I exchanged numbers then a month later I came back to Boston to watched the Super Bowl together. Summer came and went. I never thought a relationship would happen because we of course lived on opposite coasts. I had received a parking ticket and was trying to find out my legalities in my situation. I was thinking of who I knew that was a lawyer and immediately thought of Chris. We talked about what I could do then Chris told me I should come back to Boston so he could take me out on an actual date. So, I decided to pick up another trip to Boston. We went to my first Red Sox game and the rest was history. Six months later I put in my transfer to the Washington base and moved across the country to our first apartment in East Boston.

Boston Engagement Photography Sam-2.jpg

Tell us the proposal story~

I always take Chris on layovers any chance we can get. I decided to pick up a Paris trip since he had never been. He was really stressing out about the probability of not getting a seat on the flight. I kept telling him to relax and that he can always come another time. I had no idea he was planning to propose to me. He ended up making it on the flight. I worked the red eye flight so we arrived in Paris early the next morning. Instead of getting some sleep, Chris and I met up with the crew and decided to head straight out to explore. It was supposed to be raining all day so our first stop was at the Louvre where we walked and got lost on multiple floors trying to find the Mona Lisa. After we finally found the painting I wanted to get a lock to put on the Pont des Arts, also known as the love lock bridge. I realized I had no Euros to get a lock at one of the little kiosks, so we had to find an ATM. It started to rain on the way to the ATM and felt like we were never going to find it. We finally found one and went back to get our lock. It was a small golden lock that we wrote our initials on with a sharpie. We found the rest of the crew and got them to take pictures of us with our lock.

Boston Engagement Photography Sam-3.jpg

I was showing one of the girls from the crew how to take a "boomarang" on Instagram so we could get one of us throwing our keys into the river. As I walked away Chris whispered to her that he was going to propose. He came back and got on one knee. There was a man playing the accordion while everyone on the bridge clapped as i kissed him and said yes. As soon as I wiped all my happy tears the sun came out and turned into a beautiful sunny day. I called my parents, of course they already had been waiting for me to call, and then we strolled through the Latin Quarter stopping at various restaurants to celebrate with bottles of Rosé.

Boston Engagement Photography Sam-5.jpg

What details are you most excited about for your wedding? EX. cake, vendors, location, etc.

We are mostly excited for the location. We love Jacksonville and I can't wait for all our friends and family to visit and have a great time.

Where are you getting married?  Jacksonville, Florid  Where is the reception? Florida Yatch Club

Boston Engagement Photography Sam-6.jpg

What look were you going for in your engagement session?

We wanted an intimate setting but beautiful location. Since Boston has meant so much to us in our relationship we figure around acorn street would be perfect area.

Do you have any tips or advice for couples getting ready for their session?

Have fun with it and relax. You don't want to be stiff in your pictures. Be excited! I mean you fell in love that's what this is all for!

How was your overall session experience?

We had so much fun in our session. Chris always knows how to make me laugh, but it was fun when Christian would laugh along too. Christian makes you feel very comfortable in front of the camera and has great tips on how to pose.

Sunrise Enagagement Photography on the Boston Harbor

I often offer to shoot at sunrise when I have clients that want to do engagement photography in the city or at the beach.  However at this time of year I forget that sunrise may be pretty early.  Like 5:12 am!  Most couples don't dare to meet me that early but Chelsea and Garth were the exception.  As I was standing at the Boston Harbor Hotel, cursing myself at 4:45am, I was seeing the start of of the beautiful orange ball rise up above the harbor in and incredible fashion, as to say "Good Morning!" I couldn't wait to meet this daring couple at 5am.  They were amazing and incredible troopers walking all around the Harbor and Downtown to make some images.  Here are a few sneak peeks from our session and some words from the couple about their story. 

Boston Engagement Photography C&G-1.jpg

How did you two meet?

The year was 2009 and we met in high school on a class field trip to tour the University of Connecticut for honors students. We had been in the same classes the whole year and had never really noticed each other. I heard him behind me coughing and, in offering him a cough drop, we laughed about the trials of allergy season. The school was both of our top choice for colleges and we bonded over how excited we were to visit the school.

Boston Engagement Photography C&G-2.jpg

Tell us the proposal story~

On May 24, 2018 Garth attempted to propose several times and failed miserably. Earlier in the week he surprised me with a trip to the aquarium and we had dinner at the Palms Restaurant. He was gonna propose and then changed his mind at the last moment about the location. He then made reservations on the night cruise, The Odyssey, where, to my surprise, he had planned dinner. He apparently had tried to get a table with romantic flowers and champagne, however, those had all been reserved very quickly. Side note: When we arrived on the boat, we actually sat next to the couple that had gotten one of the last special tables with the champagne and flowers. Once on the boat, we had a great time. We went to the deck and look at the water and we had a delicious dinner and desert- everything was going great. Then Garth had decided he was going to propose while the waitress took a photo of us for the night. The waitress took the photo, handed Garth the phone and he showed me the picture. He asked me what I thought of it and after a second of barely looking at it, I said, "It looks fine". He asked me to take another look at the picture and see if there is anything else that I like about it. Garth had carefully placed the ring on the table so that I could see it, but I didn't. All night, until we got off the boat and started to head home, I hadn't seen the ring in the picture or anywhere else. As we're walking to the car, Garth tells me to take out my phone and look again at the photo. I do, and he points out the obvious ring sitting on the table. He then pulled out the ring, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I immediately said "YES!" and called my mom, my sister and texted it into my family group chat. It was the best night EVER.

Boston Engagement Photography C&G-3.jpg

What details are you most excited about for your wedding?

We are both excited about all of the possibilities that come along with planning a wedding. We're planning it for October 2019, so we have a while to plan! Garth and I are both the first children in our families to get married and this is a really exciting time for us and both our families. I am most concerned with planning aesthetics and finding the perfect location and Garth is really excited about picking the caterer and tasting cake. We really both wan to get married in a place that means something special to us and reflects who we are as a couple.

Boston Engagement Photography C&G-4.jpg

What look were you going for in your engagement session?

For our engagement shoot, we really wanted to reflect our love for this city and we have started to build our lives here in Boston. We also love the ocean and boats, which is where Garth (almost) proposed. We wanted to have a shoot that really combined our personalities and how we plan to grow together in the future.

Do you have any tips or advice for couples getting ready for their session?

Think about places that really represent you both. It can be easy to get really caught up in the aesthetics and what other people have done, but what looks best is probably something that brings out the best in you.

How was your overall session experience?

It was great! Christian was fantastic and really knew what to suggest for all of the looks we were looking for in the pictures.